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It features a relevant historical and artistic heritage that well deserves a visit.

Among the local celebrations, the most notable is the Carnival, with an abundance of colours and costumes, with brass bands and contests.

The Crockery Festivity (Fiesta de los Cacharros), at the end of November, is outstanding, it takes place during the Festivities of San Andrés, when the wine cellars are opened and the town dwellers drag metal recipients through the streets until reaching the cellars. Any thing that can hold liquids is brought, and in the heat of the competition, can be from a sardine can to metal drums, washing machines or the chassis of a car. Young and old participate in this noisy party that is also a tourist offer.

On June 24 th, the festivity of San Juan, popularly cherished, relives ancestral customs related to the aborigine world, such as taking the goat herds for a sea bath, in the area of the old dock.

The festivities of July, related to Jesus of the Great Power and to the Virgin of Carmen, originated from the fishermen and this regions harbour.


Calendar of Popular Festivities in Puerto de la Cruz
February - March Carnivals, ritual of killing the snake
Holy Friday Late night, procession of the Great Power of God
May 3rd Day of the Cross
June 24th Festivities of the Sun / Festivities of San Juan. Bath of the goat herds at Charcón Beach and at the dock on the previous eve.
Second two weeks in July Festivities of San Telmo
July 18th Festivities of the Great Power and of the Virgin of Carmen
Tuesday of the second week in July The images of the Virgin and San Telmo set sail
November 30th Festivities of San Andrés or Cacharro festivity

Cultural Interest Centres

Municipal Archive

Phone: 922 378 437

San Francisco Auditorium Park

Phone: 922 384 079

Culture Council of the Guildhall

Phone:922 383 663

El Castillo Cultural Space

Paseo Luis Lavaggi, 12

Phone: 922 373 029

Canary Institute of Hispanic Studies

Calle Quintana, 18

Phone: 922 388 607

Municipal Archaeological Museum

Calle El Lomo, 9-A

Phone:922 371 465

Located in a Canary House of the XIX century. It is the popular sailor’s neighbourhood of La Ranilla. It preserves an important and numerous collection of ceramic pieces and tools from the guanche aborigines, as well as flint instruments, colonial weapons, insects, reproductions and photographs of great ethnographic, anthropologic and historic interest.

Puerto de La Cruz Information Office

Plaza de Europa, s/n

Phone: 922 386 000

Cajacanarias Art Room

Calle San Juan, 16

Phone: 922 388 260

Francisco Alfonso Municipal Popular University

Calle Mazaroco, 22

Phone: 922 383 663

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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